Judo Matt

Judo Matt

Puzzle Mats

Constructed of high density EVA foam, Puzzle Mats are extremely durable and designed to last for years.

They provide sure-footed support for stepping and kicking drills, yet absorb shock for jumping and falling drills. 

The non-slip surface will increase the safety for your students.

Sold in one meter squares; 1" thick.

Comes in three different color combinations.

Wood is available with a smooth surface only, red/blue & gray/black are available with texture only. 

This is an oversized item. Additional shipping charges will apply.

A sales representative will contact you with a quote after order is placed.


Introducing our premium vinyl mats - the ideal and most convenient option for lining any space that requires padded floor coverage. These mats are crafted from shock-absorbing foam for superior grip and longer wear time. With blue color on both sides, you can flip them over to double the life of your investment. Assembly is a breeze as the mats interlock seamlessly, and flat edging pieces on all four sides provide a polished look. Whether it's for gym floors, studios, workout and exercise rooms, weight training areas, around heavy bags, boxing rings, cages, or any space that needs durable and comfortable flooring, our premium vinyl mats are the perfect choice.

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